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Live Events

Where we can help:

  • Finding equipment and entertainment for your event

  • Creating an event plan.  Assignment charts, stations, schedules, etc... to assure your event runs as smooth as possible.


Contact us to find out how you can receive a comprehesive list of local  food establishments who will cater your event.  The list includes anything from food trucks, fair food and fine dining.

Strategy & Concept

Our job is to help you execute a successful event by means of consultation, marketing and planning.

Our Services Include:

  • Planning

  • Marketing

  • Consulting

  • & More


Contact us to see how you can obtain a comprehensive list of local bands, artists and DJs

Event Design

Did you know that there is a method to event design to keep your guests interested?  After all, you don't want carrier pigeons next to a food table, right?  

We can help you with designing the perfect flow for your event through our Event Design Department.

Businesswoman on Phone


Our main area of expertise is to assist you in getting the word out to the public about your event.  We can help with SEO, Social Media, Website, Google, and more.  Email us today for a pricing brochure.


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