Hi All! And Welcome to N.Event the website! This has been such a fun and exciting experience already and we hope that we can bring some of that fun and excitement into the community!

I know our hours say Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM that we are open, but we will be open for special events as well. The only time we will be closed is during Private Events where someone has booked one of our Party Rooms, Holidays or for Sleep. ;)

Many of you have probably driven passed, seen our Facebook page, visited one of our events and thought, "What the heck is this place?"

The answer to that question is simple... we provide those Party Rooms/Supplies for rent and we put on events of our own. We have a larger party room that can hold up to 75 people and a smaller, more intimate meeting room, which can double as a great room for a baby shower, small birthday party, etc... We also rent out tables, chairs, projector and projector screens. If you need help planning your next event, let us help you with that too!!!

We love having fun and having others join in on that fun too! If you have any questions at anytime, you can either email them to or call (920)362-6731 and we will get back to shortly.

We hope to see you soon!!!


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